Welcome to The Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority (DWCPA)

Detroit and Southeast Michigan enjoy a rich maritime history. In order to further that tradition and grow the maritime industry, the State of Michigan adopted the Port Authority Act in 1978. The City of Detroit and Wayne County followed suit by adopting a joint resolution creating the Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority (DWCPA) in 1980. Since that time, it has been the mission of the Port Authority to foster the marine industry through governmental advocacy, commercial marketing and public finance. While the primary focus has been on the 15 to 20 million tons of commercial cargo and over 16,000 jobs related to the 22 private terminals located in Detroit and Wayne County, more recently, the Port Authority has expanded its efforts to include marine passenger operations and other efforts to assist the community in taking full advantage of the incredible resource that is the Detroit River and the Great Lakes.


The DWCPA exists to serve the maritime industry and those industries served by the maritime industry. In that capacity, we assist industrial development through the financing of new projects through ourselves or through collaboration with other economic development agencies. Additionally, the Port Authority is committed to ensuring the optimal use of Detroit and Wayne County’s waterfront for the needs of both industry and residents. The Port Authority is eager to serve the community and looks forward to hearing from you regarding any projects with which we may be able to assist.